Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Is January the longest month or is that just me? Mike and I are not drinking for January and looking back at our December selves, I think what the hell?  What in the WORLD were we thinking? Why would it be a good idea to not drink during January when February is right after it? The shortest month! I don't even know.

Anthony is doing okay, Christmas break is over, we had a FOUR day weekend for MLK day, even though he was not scheduled to have off on Monday.  We all had a snow day on the Friday before it, my school was closed, the girls' school was closed, it was in fact pretty bad out, especially later in the afternoon. I took the girls to a 1:35 movie and it was okay getting there but it was SUPER rough getting home, so we weren't mad about that.  But Monday was a SHOCK, I have to say.  Whatever, I've said before, we can only do what we can do.

Anyway, on that Monday, I had bought tickets to Sky Zone for the girls so they had to go and I didn't think Anthony would enjoy it because I figured it was going to be crowded.  Mike ended up taking the girls and I stayed home with Anthony and we had a pretty nice time! He really was good, he has had many nice moments over the last few weeks.

Last night I had dinner with my sister, it's Devour Indy, the Restaurant Week of Indianapolis and we went to a new small plates place which was super good.  I was waffling whether I would go out with her after but it was so cold out I decided just to go home, after the grocery.  Thank GOD I did, because there had been a terrible, TERRIBLE T E R R I B L E poo situation in his room that poor Mike was just finishing cleaning up when I got home.  I know from experience that that is the WORST, here you have just cleaned up the worst mess you ever saw and then the other person gets home when it's cleaned up and you feel BAD, like you wish you had pictures or something because here YOU have it burned on your brain and the other person just has no idea.  Ugh. it's the worst! Anyway, so he had this poo explosion nightmare last night and then he was super rotten this morning.  Thankfully he was good here, and he didn't start to mess with me until we were in the parking lot of his school, taking off his seat belt, etc.  He poked me right in my eye on the way in and then he lay down in the doorway and after a minute I just left.  Boy I am not really loving his morning therapist, but that is mostly because she doesn't seem to like him.  He has only ever had one other therapist in eight years that I have felt this way about and it's very unnerving.  I am guessing it's me and hoping for the best.

This Friday is the first Parents Night Out, if you are reading this and could say a prayer or think positive thoughts for us/him Friday night, I would appreciate it.  I would just love it if he could do this, use some waiver funds, maybe he could have some fun, maybe WE could have some time where we are not so tense and miserable?  Wouldn't it be nice! We will see.