Monday, January 04, 2016


Anthony is going to turn eleven this year.  That is crazy, to me, and also not so.  I mean, I can barely remember when he wasn't around, when I wasn't thinking about him all the time, so it seems like he's a lot older than that, sometimes.

He is back at Little Star today, thanks be to God.  That is a long break for him and he has been having a severe regression, toilet training wise, so it was really getting kind of nightmarish at the end.  It's not his fault, but LORD is it frustrating!  Anyway.  He has been going to this Incrediplex place near us with Christina on Saturdays, and he did some of that over the break, and some Bounce House places, and it's been going okay.  He got a Casio Keyboard for Christmas and he likes that too.  We are in the middle of yet another insurance denial nightmare.  Mike said, and it's true, that is the black cloud hanging over our heads at all times.  One of the reports that they sent us said that his IQ was 21 and that he had gone as far as he could go in life!  I told Mike I know it's not true, but there is no way to not have a reaction to reading something like that about your own sweet boy.  There is a hot place in hell for those demons that work for insurance companies.

Anyway, here are some pictures!