Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Poor Anthony. He was up super early this morning, 5:00 was when I heard him, and he sounded sort of distressed so I went in and he was SOAKING wet so I changed him and put him in dry pajamas and sat with him for a few minutes but by then Maria was up and screaming and I had to go into her so I left and hoped he would go back to sleep but it was not to be! So we have all been up forever and everyone is very grumpy. We have to go to occupational therapy at 3:00 and I am worried already that he'll be so cranky we won't get anything done.

Yesterday Mike and I went to look at a new school for Anthony. It is incredibly, impossibly expensive, so unless our insurance covers it or we refinance our house I don't know that he'll be able to go, but we are going to try and find out. I can't get all mad about the fact that it's so expensive - it's one on one therapy, all day, so what are you going to do? Someone has to pay for it. What I am trying to figure out is that we have to do something and I just have to figure out what it is. I want to be doing enough for him. Everyone is so agreed on the fact that you have to do early intervention and he's going to be four next year and that is sounding less like a little toddler and more like a little boy to me. So we're going to see about this school and if it doesn't work out I'm going to see about learning about this ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy myself and seeing if I can do something. To me, that makes the most sense - I am here with him anyway, everything is really far away from us, so taking him places always requires a lot of time in the car for Maria and will for the next baby, too. So who knows. In the meantime, we are all VERY eager for Anthony to go the hell back to school on Monday. :)
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