Saturday, September 26, 2009


Mike took Anthony and Maria to his mom's house today, and Mike's grandmother came over there to see them, so that worked out well. Here's Anthony, before he left, this morning. He slept well last night - man, he must be so, so tired when it's bedtime. He works so hard at that school, he's there for six hours and he's engaged the entire time. Yet he manages to drag himself out of bed and follow Mike to the door when he leaves. He's crazy. We are thinking about what clothes they will need for the fall and winter and he is going to be fine in his pants from last winter, but we'll need to get him some new shirts, as his 4T's are getting kind of snug. We're going to get him a new coat, too, but I like to get a fleece type thing because otherwise it makes the car seat too tight. He's doing fine so far this weekend, not too much sadness or crying, which is always good!
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