Thursday, December 27, 2012

All Out

I am all out of patience with Anthony!  All out!  He is driving me bonkers.  Mike, too.  EVERYONE.  Well, just Mike and me.  Mike said the other day, and it's true, outside of his therapists, there are only two people on EARTH who understand exactly how hard you have to watch him and frankly, we aren't even 100% all the time.

Things are going well with the PECS, in that he is asking for things and getting them and he seems pretty happy about it.  But other things are not going so well.  He is grabbing us again, he bit my mom, he pushes the baby, he is climbing on every thing in this house.  It's not even that bad - because although he is grabby, and he bit, it's not really the kind of thing that hurts (or so my mom said, she is maybe just being brave), but what I mean is, he's not driven by anger, it's not like he is trying to hurt you, plus he is just a boy, but man, it's annoying.

The climbing this is dangerous and scary and annoying.  I have plexiglass around our banister upstairs and now he's climbing over the railing and standing INSIDE the staircase and, um, many feet up in the air.  I am terrified he's going to pull the china cabinet over on himself.  But I have to have furniture!  We have stairs!  What to do?  I told Mike today, we should have a ranch house, made of clay, with no furniture in it.

I know that he will get better, I know we have been through stuff before and it's gotten better.  I know that his therapists need a week off at the holidays and I think they deserve it but LORD.  It's torture.  I know he wants to go somewhere, I wish I could take him somewhere.  Mike took him to the store today and he said he was very good, he likes to go places.  But it snowed a lot yesterday and today we went to the store and - we can't take him to a bounce place or whatever when everyone in town is on break, it's too crowded.  He gets frustrated and he doesn't understand lines and blah blah blah I know iI am complaining.  Tomorrow is Friday and then the weekend and then next week we can get back on schedule but it is daunting to get through holidays like this, to dread them so much and read on Facebook about how awesomely awesome everyone's holidays were.  I will say this, he loves the Gigglebellies DVDs we got him and his new beads, so there's that.  I guess our holidays were awesome too.

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Leeann said...

It sounds hard and frustrating. But even so, it is clear how much you love that little guy.