Friday, May 17, 2013


I have to write this down and I have to record what has happened.  I know that it's super lame, especially because it's FRIDAY NIGHT and this is what I'm doing, but I have to have a record AND I'm really, really happy and proud.

Tonight Anthony got home from school and he hung out for a while, then at one point he went upstairs and I followed him, because we didn't know if the doors were open or whatever.  Normally, we'd just let him go outside and run around, but it was pouring down rain.  ANYWAY.

So I went upstairs and he was lying in Maria's bed.  I said, come on let's go downstairs, and he got up and went into Felicity's room.  I shooed him out of there and then he was kind of pulling on the railing, making me nervous, so I said hey, let's go downstairs.  He went downstairs, but backward and I was facing forward, so it was kind of hair-raising but we made it with no one falling.

SO.  We kind of wound our way around toward the kitchen and the bathroom and then ANTHONY HANDED ME THE 'BATHROOM' ICON AND WENT IN TO THE BATHROOM AND POOPED ON THE TOILET.  That's RIGHT!

Ooh it was exciting!  I said yay, Anthony!  Maria came running in to look at the poop and she said, barely able to contain her excitement, HE IS POOPING MORE AND AGAIN!  Once again, as always, I am glad we don't live in an apartment, ha!

He was so proud and happy.  It was an amazing experience.  He is also doing a thing where he screams and screams, just to feel it or hear it or whatever and THAT is driving us mad, but I am going to dine out for a LONG time on this poop. Eww.  You know what I mean.


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

"but I am going to dine out for a LONG time on this poop." That made me LOL!

Catherine said...

Oh yea!!! What an accomplishment. I will never forget the day William pooped on the toilet!! Ha!

Laura said...

Ha, great post! I'm happy for all of you. :)

Leeann said...

First of all, HUGE NEWS. Happy for all of you. GO ANTHONY!!

Second: "I am going to dine out for a long time on this poop." TOO FUNNY!!

Doing My Best said...

That is SO EXCITING!!! I shall celebrate with you =)!!!

Smithsholidayroad said...

It is a huge reason to celebrate!!!!! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Yay Anthony!! That is awesome :) I see many more big milestones as he gets older. (no, not in my crystal my heart! haha!) And Happy 50th to your parents!! My parents would've been 52 yrs. (or 51? hmmmm) this Monday. CRAAAAZY, huh?! Much love to all the family.