Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Update - Medication and OT

So I forget if I said but Mike and I took it upon ourselves to down the dosage of Anthony's epilepsy medication and we have seen 100% better behavior.  He was having a toileting regression, acting super aggressive and crazy in general, and it's just so much better.  His OT told me tonight that she felt like he "was back", she said they had great communication and that many times he smiled at her and cuddled into her neck.

I feel so glad, despite the fact that the scumbags at Anthem BCBS have denied our appeal, or at least this step of our appeal, that he is back and is cuddly and sweet and having so much success.  As I type this, Mike is giving Anthony a bath and I fear from the sound of things that he is splashing water every where, which is SUPER annoying but I'm not going to worry about that right now.  It's just water.  When he was acting in such a crazy way two weeks ago, I was so sad, I felt like I didn't even recognize him, I am unfamiliar with the feeling of being scared of Anthony.

So yes, the insurance company denied our appeal.  They want him to just - go to school!  They are not there to cover educational expenses, which, um, we are not asking for that!  We have a medical doctor who has prescribed Anthony FORTY hours a week of ABA therapy and they are acting like we want them to pay for his summer camp or something.  They also said he appears to have slowed down on his progress, which really gets me right where I live, I think, screw you!  It's true that I can't see Anthony's progress on a daily basis but I know how hard he is working and we are working and his therapists are working and it drives me crazy that some asshole in some suit is sitting in an office, drawing a line through his name and just giving up.  I swear I am not a violent person but I would very much like to smack this "doctor's" face, the one who says that Anthony doesn't need ABA therapy anymore.  I mean, they are not even saying that.  They are saying he's not doing that well with it, he's almost nine years old, give up.  Give up on him and send him to public school because he is not making fast enough progress at his ABA therapy center.  I challenge anyone to tell me how that makes sense.


Leeann said...

I am really happy to read that Anthony is back to being himself. You said EXACTLY what I said when my son was on that medication- I didn't recognize my son. For all his difficulties, I loved him as him and not the stranger the medicines made him.

I am sorry that the insurance company is so stinking rotten. It is just wrong every single way you look at it.

Aly said...

Blue Cross----assholes! Sorry about that. So damn frustrating!

As for the medicine--good call :) Im sure it was scary for Anthony too. Glad he's doing much better. Always in my prayers and in my heart.....all of your family. Love you!