Wednesday, December 22, 2010


He's putting the string from the blinds in his mouth, here, isn't he funny? Amy said he had a hard time this afternoon and that he seemed hungry so I got him a shake on the way home. I don't know, he definitely seems hungry but he also seems to like having something in his mouth. I wish I could get him to chew gum better! That's a weird thing to want, but it seems like it would help him. Maria is driving us mad this afternoon, she wants to dance with Anthony allll the time, she insists on twirling around, too!

He is off from school starting Friday through the new year. God help us, I hope he does okay on the break. They sent home some stuff to work on from school, hopefully we'll be able to fill his time. I get a little depressed reading about people's traditions that they are making for Christmas. We don't have any traditions, really, except Try Not To Lose Our Minds, which is really a year-round thing.
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