Tuesday, September 20, 2011


My camera card broke and Mike got me a new one so now we have some pictures again! Mike took these, last night, the lighting is funky and the kids never stop moving but I love these. I can't believe it's only Tuesday but I want to post about the week already. I guess I didn't post last week. We were planning on doing some more at home toilet training with his therapists from school, but it was kind of a bust. Anthony's morning therapist came on Monday and Wednesday but the therapist that was supposed to come on Tuesday got sick and - ugh it was just a mess. There was definitely not the level of dedication coming from his school that we were looking for, and while that is disappointing, it's not surprising and it does serve a purpose, eventually, which is that Mike and I will realize, someday, that we are mostly on our own with this and we will just do what we need to do, even if certain nimrods are going to make that difficult on us. We have it pretty good, I have to remind myself all the time, it could be worse. So what if we're tired or scared or feel unsupported, who cares? We need to be sure that ANTHONY never feels that way, that's all that matters. And I don't think he does. So it's fine. We actually had some great success with the pooping on the potty at home and he even pooped on the potty at my PARENTS' house so I'm taking it as a win! He is still having some tantrums, but he is healthier and I am hopeful that they will dissipate again here soon.

What else. He had a great day at school today, mostly. He was tested on several targets, and, um, broke through them? Or something? He did well. Mike went to a meeting there this week to talk about his teeth grinding and we are going to continue to work on that. He is doing very well with the iPad, that thing - it's like it was made for kids with autism, so weird. It's probably because so many computer programmers are on the spectrum. When I look back at all the people I worked with when I worked in IT, and how *on the spectrum* those dudes were, it blows my mind. Anyways.
It's crazy to me that it's more than six years ago that I had Anthony and now we are going to have our fourth baby. I keep telling him, we're bringing another baby home, just like Maria and Veronica! He just cuts his eyes at me. I am going to get him signed up for more swimming this week, I am hopeful he can get back into it and it will make him happy. Winter is coming and typically that's hard for him but I hope we can replace it with enough fun stuff that he'll be okay. In the meantime, we're a lot further along right now than we were two months ago, so I'm hopeful that we're on our way. On our way somewhere. :)
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