Thursday, August 29, 2013

ABC's of Autism - G

G.  God.  Grade School?  Gut?  Anthony doesn't have any problems with his gut.  Nor does he ever have seizures, although there was a time where his daily meltdowns were so horrible and terrible that I thought maybe he was having a seizure.  He wasn't.  I have read a lot about 'leaky gut syndrome' or whatever the hell and Anthony doesn't have it, I don't even know if I believe in it, so I guess that's not what I should talk about for G.

I guess if Anthony were in Grade School, he'd be in the third grade.  When I was in third grade, I knew a lot of stuff!  I knew that busy was spelled with a z and nickel was spelled nickel, even though I got both those words wrong on a spelling test in third grade.  My teacher, who I'll call Miss O'Connell, because that was her name, said busy had a z and nickel was nickle.  I do not even know.  Anyway, I had been a cheerleader for a few years, I knew how to spell, and I had a lot of friends.

I think maybe Anthony knows how to spell, but he doesn't get an education like that at his school.  His rotten insurance company wants him to cut his ABA therapy by half in the next few months and take advantage of his free and public education and I guess we will have to do that, probably.  I want to talk about I  for Insurance, so I don't want to say too much but Mike pointed out that maybe grade school would be good for Anthony.  He said if we want him to communicate with us via typing, some day, maybe he should learn his letters!  As usual, it's a good point from Mike.  It's hard for me, I am really scared about sending him off to school, a school that is possibly full of bad teachers and mean students.  I mean, I'm sure it's NOT and they're NOT but just the thought of sending him off like that, what will he think?  Where will he think his therapists are?  It's hard.  I hope that we can get some time, time for him to use his iPad better and communicate better so we can tell him about school and he can tell us what he thinks about it.

It's hard, at the beginning of the school year.  I see all these friends on Facebook whose kids are the same age as Anthony, whose kids are starting third grade, playing soccer, etc.  It makes me happy to have Maria in school, to finally feel like I am a parent to a kid who is starting kindergarten, etc., but it still stings a little.  I am in a constant state of grieving and also wonder.  No wonder I'm crazy!

I have been falling off a little bit, doing these.  Felicity is driving me mad, she is awake now from a short nap and will probably be a grump all day.  I would have thought I did my penance with grumpy children, but apparently I STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN.  Anyway, on to H, next time.

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