Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Well, in door/window news, Anthony had a major, major breakthrough today using the iPad and ProLoQuo, which is an assisted communication device, a talking device.  The first day his speech therapist showed it to him, he started using it.  It's very exciting.  I am so hopeful and excited about him, and I swear he seems excited too.  Wouldn't it be funny if he were just waiting for us to figure it out so he could talk to us?  It's too much to think about, too exciting.

We are making progress on our appeal, talking to the school system, waiting to hear from Anthony's doctor, etc.  I am once again bullish for the future.


Doing My Best said...

How exciting =)!!!!

Aly said...

Fantastic!! God Bless Anthony and your family. Love and miss you :)