Sunday, September 05, 2010


We went to a new park yesterday, it was really beautiful. We all had a good time and although Anthony was a little tempted by all the dirt! and gravel!, he did really well. As you can see, there was a lake, and he didn't go near it. At one point, we stopped to talk to a friend of mine, who was there with her husband and kids. Anthony sat on this hill that headed toward the beach and he kept scoot scoot scooting down, as if we wouldn't notice. Anthony was awake yesteday morning at 5:00, screaming and howling, SO mad, but he went back to sleep until almost 9:00! Maria could NEVER wait that long to go get donuts and bagels and coffee (and juice!), so they had already left and once Anthony got up, we wanted to get him going somewhere before he had a chance to get mad and we opted for the park. I'm so glad we went, it was really fun.

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