Wednesday, September 08, 2010


What an afternoon we just had. Here's where I was telling Anthony, "it's all right, it's okay, it's fine, Mommy is right here, and Amy is here, it's fine, it's fine, it's FINE!". We went to see the walrus at the zoo and it was UNBELIEVABLE. It went very well, he is such a good boy. Amy has a friend who works there and we went up on top of where the walruses are at first. It's a grate, like, and you walk across it and can look through it and see and hear them. Anthony was a teensy bit wiggy at first but he just relaxed right into it. His fingers stayed in his ears the WHOLE time, practically, but he really did enjoy it. THEN we went downstairs while Mandy, Amy's friend, fed the walrus and had him do all these tricks, including dancing, shaking her head no, saluting, putting her fin (?) over her heart, and more dancing and shaking. It was an unbelievable experience and although Anthony was whacked out at first, I cannot believe how quickly he relaxed and enjoyed it. It was an incredibly experience. I'll post most pictures later but I just wanted to record how it felt, right now, to have such a brave and beautiful person for a son.

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A Damn Ant said...

It's a flipper, not a fin. Weren't you paying attention? Hahahahaha! It's really great and I'm glad you guys got to go!