Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cheers!/This Morning


One picture is from this morning before school and one is from just now, after school. His teacher put Vaseline all over his face, he looks kind of dewy. He had a good night, slept for like 13 hours, and I am hoping he is on the road to recovery. Colleen, his ears were really red too but so far he hasn't gotten any kind of rash anywhere else.
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chazma said...

Hope the vaseline works. I can't stand that it's called "slapped-face" anything!

Colleen said...

I don't think he's had red ears, but last night in the tub he had a light rash on his trunk, which is why with the chapped face, fifth's may fit. But, until I read your post, I just thought that the redness on his chest was from having gotten his hair cut (ya know, itchiness from the clippings). I just don't know though. The vaseline definitely helps his face. Has it helped A? He was stuffy for a while and sticking his tongue out and licking his lips/cheeks/chin - which was why I thought he had just chapped his own face....until I read about fifth's. So, i don't konw what to think at this point. Although, since they DO anything for fifth's, I guess it doesn't really matter if it's fifth's or just chapping!