Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Oh this child and these cookies.  This is *after* he's eaten what he wants.  Here's what happens:  he turns the corner cabinet around so he can use the shelves to climb up on the counter, then he stands on the counter and gets the oreos down.  He sits down and opens each cookie and takes out most of the creamy filling, and repeat repeat repeat until he's caught.  He was only alone in the kitchen for like five minutes!  We go through a lot of Oreos.  

I try and make him eat the ones that he won't - after all, it's not like it's LIVER or something.  I watch Amy make him eat that whole cookie before she gives him another one, but we are a little looser here, especially around dinner time, when we are messing with the girls, too.  

He is doing well, we've had some late nights and early mornings but overall he's doing fine.  I am trying to appreciate the good times with Anthony so I can think of them when he's having a hard time.  It's working, I think.  

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