Sunday, July 10, 2011

Church/Back to School

We all went to church again today.  It was rough, we got kind of lost AND the Mass was earlier than we thought so we were too late to get a seat in the back.  Mike took the girls in and I sat outside the church with Anthony, which was fine.  He is pretty good, actually.  Really, I had more trouble with the people WHO DO NOT HAVE AUTISM than with Anthony.  At one point, he wanted to lie down on the slate tile, which, who can blame him?  It's super cool and it's wicked hot today.  So I took him outside, between the indoor and outdoor doors, where there was slate but no people, and I could still hear the Mass.  TWO different families came in after NINE THIRTY!  For a NINE O'CLOCK MASS!  I mean, I thought I was safe, 30 minutes in, but noooooo.  Also the men that were singing were so loud, I wanted to cover MY ears and I don't have autism.  But he was still good.  We went in for communion and sat for a few with Mike and the girls and then Mike took him out.

He goes back to school tomorrow and I'm sure he'll be happy to see everyone and get back to his routine.  He is going to start working with Pam, who is one of his original therapists, tomorrow.  I'm excited, he loves her and had a lot of success with her.  I'm hoping all the hubbub is calmed down at his school and we can just move forward.  We start toilet training here in a few weeks.

He has had a rough, rough weekend.  I am just hopeful that it will get better.  I've been doing a lot of reading on tantrums and what to do and I am going to adjust our behavior a little bit in the hopes that Anthony adjusts his.  Something has to work, sometime.  I hear him so miserable and I think what else can I do?  I pray and pray and right now - not for nothing, that is not working.  It is not making his tantrums go away.  So I have to pray for something else and I guess that is the sense to go back to the drawing board and figure out what else I can try.  I just wish I wasn't so tired  all the time, I feel like if I had a little more energy, I could really get something going here.  Oh, that cocaine were legal and good for you.  And for little unborn babies.  Ha!  Kidding!

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