Thursday, July 21, 2011


We're flying through July, right? Tomorrow I am going to be 28 weeks pregnant, and Anthony has been back in school for two full weeks. It seems like his camp was a long time ago. He is doing well this week, I am happy to report. He is a sweet thing. Tonight I read on Facebook, a friend of mine posted about her son:

I wish I could snap my fingers and help (her son) communicate clearly and succinctly so everyone in the world could understand him and love him as much as we do.

I commented and said, I hear you, Mama, and I DO. I read this and got kind of sad but then I thought, welllll, I wish I could snap my fingers and do LOTS of things with regard to my kids. Maybe GOD felt like he wished HE could have snapped his fingers and solved the Sin Problem but he couldn't, he had to give up his only Son for all of us. Not to get too crazy here, but - well, I'm crazy, here, and this is what I think about. I wish it were easier but it's not. Anthony's therapist came out with him today and she said that he peed TWICE on the toilet today. Peed on the toilet! Anthony! To me, that is a miracle and if he just started doing it, three years ago, without any work or thought about it, well, it would not have been the same.

I know we have a long way to go. I know the future is .. murky. But I don't care. This week he had a good week and he's so cute and sweet and I couldn't love him more. That has to count for something, we all just love him so much and I know he can feel it, even if he doesn't always understand it. Our sweet Anthony. Our good boy.

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Anonymous said...

Can't you just feel the intensity with which Maria is going at that lotion dispenser?


Joanne said...

She's v. serious about her skin. :)