Thursday, July 07, 2011

Fly High as a Bird

Anthony got the "Fly High as a Bird" award at camp today, because he likes to jump so high on the trampoline. They had a cute little ceremony where they gave out the awards and where each group sang a song.  Anthony was in NO MOOD and the sweet girl that works with him took him for a walk during the ceremony to calm him down.  Poor baby, he has had a rough week.  I have no pictures because he ... well he just didn't look very happy.

But overall it's been great, just yesterday and today were rough.  Yesterday they called me from camp, he was having a 'behavior' and I guess they just wanted to check and see if I had any strategies.  They said it had been going for almost 20 minutes and I told them that it's v. rare for it to go longer than 30 minutes, so call me back in 15 if he was still going.  But they never called.  There's only one boy there, and when I got there, he seemed SO worried and upset.  He said he hadn't ever seen anything like it, there was no trigger, they weren't bugging him to do anything, he wasn't sick, etc., etc., basically everything we've been thinking for 17 months.  He was so nice though - he said "we really love Anthony and even with the behavior today, he is still great!".  So that was sweet.  Anthony seemed so tired when I went to get him, he had woken up at 1:30 that morning, poor baby.  Then he was up late last night, on and on, just - the end of the week is the end of the week, whether he is in school or at camp or on the moon, I fear.

It's after 10:00 now and I think he's quiet.  I am praying, PRAYING as hard as I can that he will sleep tonight and have a good last day.  He goes to the zoo tomorrow, which I know he'll enjoy if he feels good.  It's funny - we took Maria to the zoo today and she was IMPOSSIBLE.   We had to leave because she was freaking out because we wouldn't let her take her clothes off at the splash park.  I had brought clothes for her to change into, but not a swimsuit because frankly it seemed like a little much.  Anyway, we just had to take her home, she was short circuiting everywhere.  It's so much easier to take from her, even though it's not pleasant, because she does seem to be in control of her behavior for the most part.  With Anthony, it's like he's having a seizure or something and you can't get mad at someone for that.  You can, I find, feel like your heart will break for them, but you don't feel mad, exactly.

We went to the splash park today after camp and he seemed happier the rest of the day.  I think that's all we can do at this stage - just find something he likes and do it as often as possible.  I just wish he liked to sleep more, ha!

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