Friday, July 01, 2011

Day Off

So he has off from camp today and off on Monday, which I didn't realize.  I guess normally they have off on Fridays, the staff does something, but because they have off on Monday for the holiday, next Friday they'll go.  Next week he goes back to the horse place, where he may or may not have time to try to ride a horse again, and also to the Zoo.

Today was kind of a mess, Anthony-wise.  He had a good, sleepy night, although when we went in to get him this morning he was completely naked.  I even went in and checked him about 11:00 but it was dark and he was under his blanket, so I guess I didn't see.  I honestly don't know how we will ever get anyone toilet trained for night time, Maria, Anthony, any of them.  Ha, I am toilet trained but I do have to go to the bathroom in the night, ha!  Maybe we should ALL start wearing diapers to bed and we'd all sleep better.

Anyway, he got up and we hung around for a while but there is a point, when everyone is home with me, where they just are too much for me.  Anthony is pulling the food out of the cabinets and Maria is climbing up on something else and Veronica is outside near the pool and I just - give up!  So we went to Dunkin Donuts and drove through the creeeepiest drive-thru ever.  It's behind the building, it's so narrow you'd never get out if someone sprung on you, it's awful.  But it would be better to be held up at gunpoint than to try and take the three of them in there so I do it.  Anyways, we got donuts and bagels and went to my parents' house.  We had a fun time, played outside, etc., and we stayed for a while.  Mike found out he was getting home early, so we went home to meet him.

He wasn't home when we got home so we hung out, of course, in the drive through.  Oy, we are a MESS.  Maria's clothes got wet at my parents' house so she was in underwear and sandals.  Anthony had taken off his shirt, so he was in jean shorts and that was it and Veronica was just in her shirt, as her pants got wet earlier.  And SO many neighbors of mine walk by, hi!  Hello!, they say, and I say, all tense, "HI!", trying to sound like I don't have three naked kids in the FRONT YARD and they are not all at the far ends of the property line, torturing me.

Anyways, then we had lunch, Veronica had fallen asleep on the way home so no nap for anyone, and then 42 hours passed between noon and six.  Anthony had a couple of minor meltdowns but mostly they are for a reason here lately.  He's hungry, he's dirty, he wants to take his clothes off and rub up against me and I DON'T want him to, etc.  Ugh, sometimes he wants to rub his belly on my back and he does and Veronica will come over and sort of pet my leg while he's doing that, and I think about adding a baby to the mix and NURSING the baby while this is going on and I think I hope this is one tough baby.  Ha!

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