Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Ear Infection

I suppose it's good that he got all the way to 3.5 before he got an ear infection. I have thought a million times that maybe he had one and he didn't but this time he does. He never touched his ear, though, or indicated that this was any different than any other time. It's no wonder he's sleeping in the day, he has been sleeping really badly. I forgot to lock his door last night when I went into him because he was crazy from the fever, so he came bounding into my room at 4:50 this morning and hopped up on the bed. I was awake,and I was praying that he could please, PLEASE maybe get better? and then poof! there he was. I thought it was a MIRACLE or a SIGN or something but it was just that I forgot to lock his door! Anyway, I took him to the ER this morning and I have to say, even though he cried and screamed when they tried to listen to his heart (sheesh), it was the fastest and most pleasant visit we've ever had. I got there just after six and we left just after seven, so not bad. He was really good and brave.
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JIR said...

poor anthony and poor joanne.