Friday, January 02, 2009

Hello, Ladies

Poor Anthony. He is all fevery and sick and all I can do is post funny pictures of him. Thank GOD, he is sleeping, that is the only thing that is helping, I think. He has always, ALWAYS taken Tylenol well until now. Now he screams and shouts and flails his arms at us when we try to give it to him, so it takes two of us and he ends up with it in his hair and on his pajamas. But we have to give it to him because he is BURNING hot. I'm sure he has what Maria just had last week and I suppose it's better that they didn't have it at the same time. Also it's better than he didn't have it at Christmas but man. We could have done without it altogether.
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Julie said...

Poor guy! Xavier went through a God-awful Tylenol taking phase and we switched to chewables. He did much better than the liquid, but we had to hide them b/c he thought they were candy and would ask for them all the time!
Xavier also has the same PJs -love Carter's PJs!!!

The Adams Farm said...

Have you tried Motrin? Eli had a super high fever over Christmas and Tylenol didn't even touch it. Maybe you can tell him it's a new/different medicine...also, I started letting him drink it out of the little cup thingy instead of ambushing him with the syringe and that seemed to work for a couple times too! Good luck!!!

A Damn Ant said...

He looks like Chuck Bass in this picture to me.