Friday, January 23, 2009

Still Sick - No Pictures, Please

Anthony is really sick, we kept him home from school today and we rescheduled physical therapy, too. Through the whole time he has been sick, he has at least slept well, but of course we started talking about it and last night he was up twice before midnight, really crying and upset. I went in the first time, around 7:30 and Mike went in the second time, around 10:00. I guess he slept okay after that, until ... I can't remember. 5:45? 6:00? It is all starting to run together.

It's been warm here so we tried to go for a walk yesterday after Mike got home from work but it was a big FAIL. It's challenging because we'd like him to get some air, and I think he was excited to go for a walk but he got tired and then weepy and then more stuffed up and then we're all standing around in the parking lot by our house, not knowing what to do. I ended up carrying him up the street and up the stairs to our front door. (Which I opened with my keys and then left them in the door ALL night - Mike found them this afternoon). He is so, so miserable and sore. He has a slight temperature so we force fed him some Tylenol this afternoon, which is very difficult as he hates it now. The other day Mike went to give *Maria* some and he freaked out!

He slept a tiny bit today. He was sitting in the kitchen chair, watching some Wiggles on the computer and was falling asleep sitting up. I know some kids do this, but Anthony never does. I picked him up and carried him into the living room and put him on his bean bag, where he slept for maybe 40 minutes. He woke up horribly - he's had three or four episodes today where he just cries and screams. Mike said maybe it just all gets to him at once, but we'll never know. It's really, REALLY depressing and it feels impossible because if Maria is awake, usually she starts to cry too, which makes it worse for Anthony. It feels a lot like what I imagine a lunatic asylum is like.

I got a sweet email from my Aunt Joan today and she said spring will be here soon and I am counting on it. I am just praying and praying that he is a little bit better tomorrow. I keep telling him it will get better and today he has started to cut his eyes at me, like "sure it will, Lady". I hope it's true tomorrow. His nose has *GOT* to stop running, this morning there was blood all over his pajama sleeve because he rubs it so much. Ugh.

So, um, have a good weekend? :)

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