Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting There

He's getting better. He slept a lot yesterday and I think it helped, combined with those antibiotics. I think maybe they are working fast because he's never had them so he can't have any resistance? Whatever the reason, I swear he's been better since the first dose! Last night he was still up at around 8:30 so I went in and rearranged his blanket. I was saying "it's nighttime, we're going to sleep", the same thing I always do and I said "so good night" and kissed him on the forehead and he said "Good night!" just like he says it all the time or something. He's a funny duck. He went to school today and did very well, his teacher and her assistant are so nice, they seemed so happy that he was better. We all are. I honestly have no idea how people live when their kids are sick - I mean really sick. I feel like I have been crying non stop for the last month, feeling bad for these kids and their illnesses and I know in the big picture it's NOTHING. So I am grateful, even if I don't seem it. :)
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