Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Anthony's Cell - New Floor

Poor Anthony - we don't keep much in his room because otherwise he chucks it around when he wakes up in the night. All of his books are way up on his closet shelf. We have to hang everything that's on the wall up HIGH so he doesn't bang at it in the night. So it's a weird looking room, kind of, but I am doing what I can! This is his new rug, I bought an orange rug for the door and another striped rug for another area of the room. We took these pictures quickly, Maria was ready for bed so we didn't have much time. We're really REALLY happy with the floors and I take it back about the flooring guy because not only did he finish today but he finished by like 1:00 or something. He brought THREE guys with him today. The only thing I am mad about is that one of them took down our smoke detector and left it down. I guess they had to use the saw upstairs because it was raining and they couldn't use it on the porch, as was his original plan. So I guess the smoke from the saw set off the detector and I don't care that they took it down (although if they had ASKED we could have just turned them off at the circuit breaker) but they didn't put it back up! Grrr!
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