Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning

BOY they were both up early this morning! It was 5:45 when I heard him, or thought I did, and then I heard Maria's monitor turn on because she was yelling. Anthony stole her nuk and laid down on the flooring that we are having installed on Tuesday and Wednesday, for a minute I thought he was going to go to sleep but he didn't. I fear we are in for a crazy Sunday! I am looking forward to having the flooring finished but I am NOT looking forward to the install. I am hanging out at a friend of mine's house so that I can (maybe) get Maria to nap but it's going to be complicated - I'm not sure how Anthony will fare, going to a different house after school. We've only tried one time to go somewhere besides here straightaway after school and it did NOT go well so I'm nervous. BUT it will hopefully all be over on Thursday.
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