Saturday, March 14, 2009


He has slept through the night for two nights in a row, which makes life majorly better around here. He had a good make up session at his O.T. place yesterday, his therapist there is really great. We got there around 2 minutes after 3:00 and she met us in the lobby, which of course makes a difference. We are going to start going every other week at 4:00 so that Mike can come home and watch Maria and then the other weeks I will take them and just hope that it goes okay that week. Mike will be home for six weeks once the baby is born so that will buy us some time, too. It's hard to bring Maria, as there are sometimes other kids in the waiting room that are waiting for treatment and it can get sort of dicey, depending on their level of understanding of little kids. Anyway. It's going to be okay, I hope, I hate the thought of stopping these services because I do think he's getting something out of it. It's incredibly slow going, his therapist said yesterday that she felt like "he was right on the brink" of really talking a LOT! and while that's nice to hear, it's been a year that he's been in services! Let's move it along!
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