Monday, March 23, 2009


This is not to make anyone feel guilty or anything, but here's a picture of Anthony, sitting and staring at a picture of my parents, saying "Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma, Grandpa". I told him they'll be home soon and he said, "For my spring break next week they'll be home?" I said, no, poor little autistic boy, they're not going to be home for your spring break, but the week after you're back in school they'll be back". I told him they have golf games to play and swimming classes to attend. :)
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A Damn Ant said...

Oh Joanne, you are bad. Ha!

Central Indiana Life Chain said...

guilt is what I felt.but then I remembered I have to play bocce tomorrow and golf on its 80 degrees and sunny every day.We do miss all of you very much.But just think I only had to work for 41 years to get this 6 mo. per year now, thats guilt. dad & mom

Lisa said...

A+ for the effort! HAHA!