Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Saturday or Sunday

I can't remember what day this was but Anthony and I went for a walk and then we sat on the wall at the condo building across the street. He has REALLY been getting in to this sit in that we do after our walk lately, God knows how long he would sit there if I didn't say "ready?" every 30 seconds to see if he will finally go home. It was getting cold (which is why I put his hood up) and then it started to rain and finally we left, but I had to carry him, which is getting VERY challenging! He has his thera-tubing here, his OT Mim recommended it. He has a habit of chewing on his collar, or whatever he can get to, so she thinks that if he chews on something a little more purposefully it would be good for him. Also, it's not as gross to me. This coat is from my parents, they sent it for Valentine's Day, or as my mother calls it, SAINT Valentine's Day. :)
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