Friday, March 27, 2009

Speech Therapy

I had to ask Anthony's speech therapist if I could post this before I posted it, but it's a super great note that she sent to me this week. We are very, very lucky that Anthony has the therapists and teachers that he has. We all love Anthony's speech therapist, who seems to really love and care about Anthony and we find it makes all the difference in the world. If we are going to get Anthony where he needs to go, I feel like these are the people we need. Anyway, here's her note:

So I know I said there was not going to be a speech e-mail this week, but couldn't resist writing to tell you that he was a chatty little man again today. He repeated "push" and "to the top" (totally appropriately)...independently said "hop" appropriately while we were hopping, and said "baby, I kiss it" (repeatedly)--now, this was not necessarily appropriate, but I just love that he's increasingly verbalizing. He lay down on the mat, closed his eyes and started to snore (pretend play!!!! gasp.) and then opened his eyes and looked at me--letting me know he wanted me to join him. He ran up and down the mats gleefully making eye contact. He just made my day. I'll send his progress note home tomorrow.


Aunt Rachel said...

I think it is wonderful he is making such good strides in therapy. I feel like I can see is progress. Go Anthony!

Abby said...

so glad that he is doing so well. what a nice note to get at the end of a rough week.