Friday, February 20, 2009

Hair Again

Every time I look at a picture of him lately I notice how long his hair is. It's kind of a relief, I forget if I've said. His hair was so wispy thin when he was littler I wondered if he'd ever have real hair and he definitely does now. It makes me feel better about Maria and her non-hair.

He was up this morning at 4:30 rattling that damned door. I went in because I was going to kill him if he woke Maria, so I figured it was the better option. He lay right down but I could tell he wasn't going back to sleep. So I sat in there and tried to figure a way for him to stop doing it. We have to have a door on his room, obviously, and I don't want to buy a new door. I was thinking, maybe a steel door? Maybe a door that we could tie a long rope to and hold the rope in our room so we could snatch the door back when he rattles it? (It was early, what can I say). Then I thought I'll just remove the doorknob and we'll work it from the hook and eye only. I'll just fill it in with cotton or something and put clear moving tape over it. So I'm going to do it today.
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Alivia Quallen said...

He might start banging on the door if you take the door knob off. That is what Ava use to do when we put the safety knob on her door. Almost every time she did that she woke up Max.

Joanne said...

He might start banging on the door but I don't think it could be worse than that damned rattling! We'll see, I'm going to try it tonight - it will be a good night to try because he napped and he will FOR SURE be up after we leave. I'll keep you posted. :)