Friday, February 13, 2009

Our Valentine

Dressed in red for his valentine celebration at school today. We sent in little bags with a box of raisins and a little tin of play doh, with Spiderman valentines. The Spiderman valentines came with tattoos but I can't find them so Mike and I are just going to keep them. Ha! Poor Anthony - he had a rough day yesterday altogether, I think, he was a little rough at OT in the afternoon, then he went to sleep just fine and was up at 2:00 for quite a while. I went in there becuase I thought he had turned his light on - it's just his closet light, but since he has no doors in there it gets pretty bright. He hadn't but he was messing with the stepstool part of the potty that's in his room, so he could get up to stuff on his dresser. He seemed tired and I sat in there with him for a while but he was up for maybe an hour or two after I left. I was up, too, my arms kept falling asleep. I think Maria stayed asleep the whole time, so that's nice. Ugh, these nights around here can be crazy, I sometimes think about adding an infant to this mix and I ... well, it's not exactly a laugh, what I do. :)
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