Tuesday, February 17, 2009

To Eastside Dad

This post is for "Eastside Dad", who made an unnecessarily cruel remark about my post from *months* ago when we went to Bouncer Town and the woman at the door was a little insensitive to the fact that Anthony is autistic and freaked out about the hand stamper. Here's the comment (I deleted it):

You're kidding, right? The stamper was an issue? I guess the rules don't apply to you and yours. Get over yourself, my two year old daughter gets her hand stamped with no issues. I'm sorry "precious" is so sensative to....life? You guys need to toughen up, if the stamper is the biggest issue in your life, your doing better than the rest of us.

Eastside Dad - shut the hell up and don't post comments on here anymore. This is a blog that I keep about my son for my family and friends. I have kept it for 3.5 years and have had really no hateful comments in all this time. I assume your two year old daughter isn't autistic? In which case I am, believe me, happy for you, but I would say that you are the one who needs to 'get over yourself'. And I would also look up the spelling of the word 'sensitive', as you seem to not know how it's spelled, you Prince of Irony, you.

Believe me when I say that the hand stamper is not the biggest issue in our lives, nor was it even the biggest issue that we faced that day. We struggle with the same issues as any parent, and we struggle with some other, extra issues, too, since our son is autistic, so we're working on toughening up, believe me. But I don't need some cracker ass bad speller to post on my son's blog to tell me to do it. Later on, Eastside Dad.


Abby said...

ugg... what an ass. what is wrong with people. he sounds like he needs anger management.

Lisa said...

....like I always say, 90-95% of all people!!!

Lisa said...

....like I always say, 90-95% of all people!! Obviously, he has too much time on his hands.

Romy said...

Hi, I randomly found your blog. I've been reading your blogs for over 8 months now and all I can say is that you don't need negative vibes from that guy. I honestly admire you for being such an amazing mother to Maria and Anthony (and the third baby coming!). Best wishes! Romy

Lacey said...

Wow Joanne, you are like a celebrity! I hope like hell that no one is reading my blog except people that know and understand my humor! Wow, that is so scary that someone actually felt bold enough to write that! Like you invited him to even be stalking around your blog anyway! Get a life!