Saturday, February 07, 2009


Oh he is so beautiful isn't he? I just think he's gorgeous and sometimes I can feel my heart break with how much we love him. Especially because when he wakes up at 3:20 and rattles that door and wakes up his sister and is all covered in POO by 6:30 when he wakes up for good, I think about it a lot. I think this must be love because I do not want to smack him or yell GO BACK TO BED or SHUT UP. I want him to sleep and rest and feel good. But not today, I guess. The weekends have been HARD around here lately but this week on Oprah I saw a woman who had a flesh eating bacteria and she lost her arms and legs and SHE still has to take care of her two kids so I figure I don't have it too bad. Comparatively. :)
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