Thursday, February 05, 2009


He's cute in these clothes, right? Whenever Mike picks his clothes, they're cute and boyish. Anthony had a good day today, he did very well in OT, I never even went in. He is still awake at 8:00 which is driving us slightly mad but I figure all three year olds have trouble going to sleep some nights, right? We get tense because he's autistic and autistic kids have trouble sleeping but sometimes, it's just that he's three. :)
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Julie said...

I can speak for my 3 year old, who often has trouble going to sleep. He makes up all kinds of excuses to come out of his room and ask ridiculous things to the point of me turning into Joan Crawford and flying off the handle.

Mike dresses Anthony cute. If we are going somewhere, I have to lay clothes out for Shawn to dress the kids (or he asks). I am not a control freak, but he has really made some insane clothing choices for the kids before.